Military Style Watches

Best Vintage Military Army Style Automatic Watches For Sale.

There are a military style watches collecting niches that always prove popular with watch fans. At the top are divers watches. At any one time there appears to be thousands of divers models available. They’re chunky, masculine and often designed with durability and functionality in mind. The ideal blend of form and function.Military watches are similar, although there’s much less emphasis on the aesthetics and more care taken to ensure that the watches are legible and reliable. Increasingly that means battery powered quartz watches, often in a plastic or resin case.

So there’s still a large market for traditional military style watches. Either remakes and updates of classic models or new pieces designed specifically to capture the essence of a vintage military watch. Design cues can come from specific eras, conflicts, armies or government issued specifications. The result is a wide range of styles that still manage to incorporate some common themes. And once you’re buying over a relatively low price point, durability, functionality and reliability are givens.

Again, we’re not going to spend time looking at luxury brands. We know that IWC’s pilot's watches have a fine heritage and that Rolex’s MilSub is a holy grail for military style watches collectors. But we’d like to present some watches that, whilst you probably won’t have seen them in your local jewellers, they’re still readily available and modestly priced.